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About Us Details about us

Core Values

At Business Plans Pro we believe, clients’ satisfaction is our success.
We focus on basic principles that ensure all our clients receive 100 % service.


Communication is the key to every successful project. Our extensive checklists will ensure that we have covered every aspect of your existing business or your future projects. We take all the necessary steps to ensure the Business Plan is prepared according to our clients’ intentions.

Assured Service:

We will ensure all the Business Plans are delivered as promised. Business Plans Pro works to achieve the best benefit for its clients and their staff. We believe our clients’ achievement is our achievement. Our ongoing professional training ensures that all our staff are performing their tasks to the best of their ability.

Response time:

Our standard Business Plan processing time is 1 week. However, urgent Business Plans can be given special consideration.

Team Standard

All our Business Plans are prepared by qualified accountants. This ensures that Business Plans are compliant with AASB standards. The final review of each Business Plan is carried out by qualified Chartered Accountants to ensure its validity. We work to ensure that every prepared Business Plan assists our client in reaching their goals.


At Business Plans Pro, we understand the crucial importance of confidentiality. We recognise that confidentiality can help foster a trustworthy relationship with our clients. We take various measures and have procedures and policies in place to ensure confidentiality is kept at all times.

Our Goals & Mission

To keep our clients’ interest in mind at all times.
To clearly understand our clients’ needs and requirements.
To translate those needs and requirements into a coherent document which can be understood by all relevant parties i.e. financial institutions, landlords, potential investors etc.
To provide a comprehensive service which, with our professional expertise, will give our clients a feeling of recognition and support for their venture.
To be up to date with all requirements of statutory bodies and financial organisations and ensure that our clients are aware of these requirements.
To be aware of changes in market trends and business models and advise our clients of these changes. By doing so we believe our client will have all the relevant information to make the best possible decisions for their business.
To remain constantly vigilant of our clients’ privacy and confidentiality.