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Feasibility Plan

A feasibility plan is quite similar but different to a business plan. As the name implies, it analyses the feasibility of a business idea.

Feasibility Plan Requirements

Some of the key requirements of a successful feasibility plan are:

  • Adequate of market research
  • Analyse data that is real and comparable
  • Discussions with the similar venture owners
  • Correct analysis of the feasibility financials

How does a feasibility plan help

Feasibility plans can be useful for proposed business ventures, in other words,examine the viability of the business idea. The use of the feasibility study can :

  • Show narrow business alternatives and explore options
  • Allow analysis of the issues and come-up with a solution
  • Mitigate the risks and take precautionary actions
  • Attract equity investments with solid research data
  • Provide quality information for the decision maker
  • Well documented process about a new venture

Feasibility plan vs. Business plan

The difference between a feasibility study and business plan is frequently misunderstood. The key difference is:

While feasibility study investigates the options of an idea, the business plan works towards making the idea successful.


PRICE: $1,200 – $4,000+GST (Feasibility Plan)