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Franchise Business Plan

Many new businesses might want to get a licence from a franchisor to operate as a branch of their successful business. This means, there could be some other interested parties with motivation similar to yours. A successful franchise Business Plan ensures you stand out from the competitors.

Franchise Business Plan Requirement

Franchise business plans are not significantly different from other business plans. There are a few key areas you need to consider:

  1. Get the financials of the current franchisor to get an idea of the existing business (if existing business);
  2. If no financials is available, talk to the franchisor to get an idea about the portability;
  3. Most of the franchisor will have plenty of information on their website, so this is a good point to start getting some data about their business.

How does a Business Plan helps in obtaining a franchise agreement

If you are serious about obtaining the franchise licence, you should be serious about the business plan as well. A business plan means you know all the ins & outs of the franchisor’s business before you invest your capital.


PRICE: $1,000 – $1,600+GST (Franchise Business Plan)