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Our Difference

Our Experience

Business Plans Pro is a team of professional qualified accountants withover 10 years of combined experience in the business. Over the years we have prepared 100s of business plans with a 100% success rate. All our Business Plans are prepared by qualified accountants and reviewed by Chartered Accountants. This strategy assures 100% validity of a business plan. The majority of our Business Plan are for:

Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP): The growing skills gap is causing more employers to search for talent locally and internationally. The 457 visa scheme has become a popular medium for employers to obtain and retain employees. However, to successfully employ someone each employer needs to be approved as a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) and to obtain that eligibility they have to make an application to the DIPB. The Business Plan is a very useful supporting document for your application. Currently the DIPB as well as other parties, like various State Governments consistently require Business Plans to be supplied along with the applications. It is an efficient way for the DIBP or the State Governments to examine the feasibility of your current or future business as well as for you. It is also a valuable document to present to any interested third parties.

Banks: Bank loans are an essential aspect of business activities. Bank loans are the main source of financing for small and medium-sized enterprises. They are also the number one source of finance for residential home owners. Regardless of the type of loan, residential or commercial, the bank needs to analyse whether the applicant has capacity to make the loan repayments. In most cases, for commercial loans, banks require a Business Plan along with the application, so they can analyse the validity of the application and the feasibility of the projected future of the applicant. We have prepared Business Plans that have helped our clients borrow up to 95% of their financial requirements.

Other: Leases for premises,Franchises, Feasibility Plans, Cash Flow Analysis and customisation, as required by the stakeholder.