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Our Services

  1. Visa 457 Business Plan:

The most commonly used program for Australian or overseas employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers to work in Australia. 457 visas allow greater flexibility in the migration system to allow businesses to respond quickly to skill shortages during times of economic growth.

Research has shown that the 457 visa has been effective in enabling businesses to access skilled workers rapidly during times of economic growth. The scheme has been especially effective in recruiting skilled workers to regional and remote areas where there has been great difficulty in recruiting Australians, especially in medical services, engineering and other specialised skilled trades.

For the 457 visa, an approved sponsorship is needed by a company which is currently lawfully operating in Australia, will start-up the business in Australia or expand the business to Australia. So, to ensure the legality & efficiency of the business, a Business Plan (BP) is needed where all the details regarding operations, marketing & finance of that business are included. Our team of experts work rigorously to prepare the Business Plans for the 457 Visa in a suitable format. The plans are carefully analysed to deliver the highest quality of service.

  • PRICE: $1,250+GST (457 Business Plan)
  • $1,350+GST (457 Business Expansion Plan)
  1. Visa 188 Business Plan:

The Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) is part of the Business Innovation and Investment Programme. It is actually a state nominated provisional visa which is valid for four years. The subclass 188 visa holds a residence requirement of 160 days spent in Australia over 4 years and holders can then apply for a subclass 888 permanent residency visa or extend the subclass 188 visa. The Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) is part of the Business Innovation and Investment Programme. The applicant must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select and be nominated by a state or territory government before being invited to apply for this visa.

The state governments requires the applicants to submit a well-formatted Business Plan (BP) along with the application that shows the details of the present business operations & performance along with a proper market research which needs to be a proof of genuine commitment to enter the business sector of Australia. The Business Plan in a particular complete format is provided by us.

  • PRICE:  $1,800+GST (188 Business Plan)
  • $1,900 – $2,400+GST (Market Research)
  1. Visa 132 Business Plan:

Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132) allows you to establish a new, or develop an existing business in Australia. The Business Talent visa (subclass 132) is a permanent residence visa for business people who are nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency. Unlike VISA188, this visa does not require a Point Test.

This visa is only available to applicants who are nominated by an Australian State or Territory government. Different states governments have individual requirements for the application. However, a general requirement is a Business Plan in a particular format that includes the details of the business, the details of the market & the details of the finance of the business. This service of the well-structured business plan is provided by our team of experts.

  • PRICE: $2,000+GST (132 Business Plan)
  • $1,900 – $2,400+GST (Market Research)
  1. Bank Loan Business Plan:

Most start-up businesses need finance to grow and establish themselves in the market. Even the established businesses might want to invest more money in the business as part of a growth plan. One easy option for finance is banks. Generally, commercial lenders require specific details from a borrower, which includes a brief summary about the business, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, a personal and/or business resume, collateral and personal guarantee by the borrower.

A successful business plan can change the game and ensure the finance required is obtained easily from the banks. This clear business plan, which can set the projection of the business required by banks, is provided by us. We provide the Business Plans in a very structured & desired manner.

  • PRICE: $800 – $1,500+GST (BankLoan Business Plan)
  1. Franchise Business Plan:

Many new businesses might want to get a licence from a franchisor to operate as a branch of their successful business. This means, there could be some other interested parties with motivation similar to yours.

A successful franchise Business Plan ensures you stand out from the competitors. It also demonstrates the level of extensive effort you are going to put into your business. This Business Plan including a well-projected financial as well as market plans can be provided by our team to you.

  • PRICE: $1,000 – $1,600+GST (Franchise Business Plan)

  1. Feasibility Plan

A feasibility plan is quite similar but different to a business plan. As the name implies, it analyses the feasibility of a business idea. The difference between a feasibility study and business plan is frequently misunderstood. The key difference is that while feasibility study investigates the options of an idea, the business plan works towards making the idea successful. We offer these feasibility plans in order to help our clients assess the viability of their business proposal.

  • PRICE: $1,200 – $4,000+GST (Feasibility Plan)
  1. Accountant’s Letter and Auditable Training Plan:

When it comes to skilled workers, the purpose of the Temporary Work visa program, which is the subclass 457, is to allow employers to fill up skill shortages. In order to meet the requirements of the new visa program; employers must meet some training benchmarks. Furthermore, they must track the records of the training expenditure. We can help you maintain the training expense accounts and assist you to complete your requirements for both Training Benchmark A and Training Benchmark B. The training provided can both be external short-term courses & internal on-the-job training programs. The training programs are customised to meet the organisational needs.

When it comes to the accountant’s letter in the various visa requirements, it can be also rephrased as an auditor’s letter. As the new term suggests, it is an overview of the company’s performance on a letter which is to be sent through the immigration office for further review.Initially, the letter includes the financial data of the company at which the sponsored person is working or by which (he/she is sponsored. It shows the financial performance of the relevant company after one year & also indicates the pathway. The information can be used to forecast future financial performance of the company & also its directions.

In close conjunction with our Chartered Accountants, we efficiently & effectively provide both the services. We help to confirm the payroll provided to the employees & also help calculate the training expenditures. Moreover, we prepare the accountant’s letter with the relevant information and make it available to the required authority.

PRICE & DELIVERY: On a case by case basis after examining clients’ specific requirements.

  1. Other Business Plans

On many occasions, you will find a business plan is vital for its stakeholders. We customise the business plan based on the requirement of its stakeholders. Some example of the other business plans are lease Business plans, cash-flow analysis, internal plan and growth plan.

  • DELIVERY TIMEFRAME: 7 – 21 days
  • PRICE: will be quoted on request.